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• Household Support Services

McDonald Employment can provide you with a wide range of professional, well-trained assistance to help you run your household and day-to-day affairs. Whether you are looking for full time or part time help, or for a one-time special project, we have excellent staff for your consideration.

Our household support covers the following areas:
Estate Managers oversee property and buildings for large homes, or busy households of any size. These individuals have knowledge of systems that make estates run smoothly, including household, property and grounds maintenance. The role of an Estate Manager is to set up and manage one or more residences and train the people it takes to maintain them. They take an active role in the home, possess excellent negotiating skills and have years of household management experience.

Caretakers are usually hired to care for second or third properties that are not primary residences. Main duties are security, cleaning, gardening and general maintenance; there are usually no personal services involved. Caretakers work on a live in basis.

Household Managers set up, clean and maintain private homes. They arrange for grounds maintenance, entertaining, menus, cooking, care of fine china & silver, artwork & antiques and clothing. Household Managers may provide hands-on service in addition to managing other staff.

Personal Assistants perform secretarial duties including bookkeeping and budgeting, shopping, planning meetings and travel. They maintain personal calendars, household schedules and correspondence. Duties vary, but require computer literacy and the ability to perform many of the duties required of a Household Manager. This position may be full time or part time, and is usually live-out.

Housekeepers are skilled in cleaning, laundry and general care of the home. Housekeepers may be hired full or part time, for anywhere from 4 hrs to 40 hrs per week; they may live in or live out.

Nannies are child care providers with working experience of at least four years in either a home or daycare setting. They have direct knowledge of age-appropriate activities and development. Nannies may be hired on a full or part time basis, and can live in or live out. Also, we have available Night Nurses and Postpartum Doulas.

Mother’s Helpers are child care providers who work in the home with “stay at home” mothers. Mother’s Helpers do a variety of tasks requested by the employer, and may deal with both the child(ren) and the household.

Cooks vary in skill levels - your expectations are important to us:
Family-style Cooks
prepare simple meals from recipes, and have basic experience.

Household Cooks are experienced cooking in households and may have graduated from a variety of short-term cooking classes.

Household Chefs have been trained in certified culinary schools, and have experience in private households.

Couples work together as a team, usually in the capacity of Cook/Housekeeper and Grounds Maintenance. Teams are experienced working in private homes, and usually live on-site, with their employers also in residence.

Gardeners work full time or part time, and provide general maintenance of gardens and lawn or any special needs of a property.

Special Projects cover other categories too numerous to mention, including - but not limited to: Personal Trainers, Dance Instructors, Organizers, Tutors, Yacht Personnel and Apartment or Condominium Managers. When a client’s life is so busy that he/she needs assistance finding just the right person, we go the extra mile to find a precise fit.

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