Q: What is a Referral Service, and why should I consider this option?

As a Referral Service, we help connect families with great caregivers. This puts families in control of hiring and managing the worker, resulting in much more stable care.

Q: The last agency I used sent 10 different caregivers in one month. Will this be the same?

NO!!! With a Referral Service, you are hiring your own private team! Your caregivers won’t change from week to week unless you make the change.

Q: How do I get started? What’s the process?

Give us a call at (206) 284-5244. After an initial consultation, we’ll have the specific information we need to find candidates we think will be a great fit.

Q: Can I meet the caregivers before hiring them to work in my home?

Absolutely! As the employer of the client, you have complete control over the process. We can set up interviews with several caregivers for your consideration.

Q: Is there a minimum shift?

Yes. Our minimum shift length is 4 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends.

Q: My family member needs care right now! How quickly can you send someone?

We can find a caregiver very quickly when we need to, including same-day placements. It is always preferable to have advance notice though and we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to find someone at the last minute in all cases. However, we pride ourselves on good service and we’re usually able to meet emergency needs for placement.

Q: What if my family member needs active care management?

If your loved one needs complex care or if you live far away, we recommend hiring the services of a professional Care Manager. This is not a service we provide directly, but we work closely with several excellent Care Managers in the area who are sure to meet your needs. Click here to learn more.

Q: How do I know I’m getting a good caregiver? What sorts of experience do caregivers have?

Our caregivers are professionals who do this as a career. Each applicant must have at least 5 years of caregiving experience before we consider them for employment, most have many more than this. We run extensive reference and background checks to ensure that we’re only sending out the best caregivers. You’ll have access to each candidate’s work history and references before meeting them for an interview.

Q: What if a caregiver calls in sick?

If a caregiver must be absent, call our office and we will find a replacement right away. On jobs with multiple caregivers, it’s often the case that one can substitute for another caregiver who is sick. You won’t be left hanging!

Q: What if I need a Temporary or Respite Caregiver?

We can assist with finding caregivers for any number of days. We’ll fill jobs like these with one of our tried-and-true caregivers who is between long-term jobs.

Q: I have an emergency need for a caregiver and your office is closed. Is there a way I can contact you?

Yes. Someone from our staff is always available to respond to your message after normal business hours. Please call our office phone number – (206) 284-5244 – and follow the prompts to leave a voicemail on our emergency line. This will trigger a text message to the on-call staff member who will follow up as soon as possible. And don’t forget to leave your phone number in the voicemail!

Q: Who supervises the caregivers?

You’re in charge! Caregivers report to you. Families sometimes get help from a qualified Care Manager or from a Hospice organization.

Q: Will my insurance pay for the caregivers?

This depends on the insurance policy, so you’ll need to contact your provider. Tell them you’re considering a licensed, private-hire caregiver. Many insurance policies do reimburse you for private caregivers, but often will not cover the referral fee.

Q: What is live-in care? Will caregivers actually live in my house?

With live-in care, caregivers stay at the client’s home for several days at a time, working, sleeping, and eating there. This is an option for caregiving needs that are not around-the-clock and that allow down time and rest for the caregiver at night. Even then, caregivers do not make the client’s home their primary residence; experience has taught us that this is a bad idea and can quickly erode boundaries and care quality.