Client Staffing Services

McDonald Employment Services can help you find the very best private caregiver.

Superior care from a referral service

When you hire a worker through us, you’re hiring them directly. This system gives the best of both worlds, combining the best features of an Employment Agency with the best features of private care:

  1. Stability and Control:  Under our referral service model, you’ll never have a worker come to your house unless you have specifically okayed that particular worker. You’re hiring a particular worker, not contracting us to send just someone.
  2. High Quality:  Our caregivers are all professionally screened and vetted. For us to even consider referring a worker, they need 5 years of good work references (most have many more) and a solid background check. We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied that we guarantee it!
  3. Loyalty and Professionalism:  People hired privately on craigslist or other websites typically have little incentive not to burn bridges with employers. Our workers will handle situations professionally because they want to keep finding work through us.

You’re in control of every step of the hiring process:

  • Candidate information packets:  Once you’ve decided to move forward with hiring caregivers, we will narrow things down to a few candidates based on what you need and who we think would be a good personality match with your loved ones. Then we’ll send you Employment Packets for each potential worker, with their work history, references, training, and license information. You’ll have a lot of information about the candidates before you even meet them!
  • Interviews:  If your timeline allows, we recommend interviewing candidates for positions before they start. This gives you a chance to meet the candidates and to explain the job to them. This helps ensure that you’re getting a worker that’s a good fit for you. Interviews can be held at home or off-site. Many people use coffee shops as a meeting place.
  • Hiring a caregiver:  When you’ve selected the candidate you like best, give us a call and we’ll make a job offer to them. Upon accepting the offer, they become your employee and you pay them directly. If you like, we can recommend a payroll specialist to assist you in paying the workers.


Placement fee:

Our fee is equal to 50% of a normal 30 days’ wages for caregiver placements.

Please call us directly for an estimate on worker rates. We can give a more accurate estimate if we know more about what you need.

90-Day Replacement Guarantee:

We want you to find the right person for you! If the person you hired isn’t working out within 90 days of their starting date, we’ll happily replace them without charging our fee again.


Getting Started: 

Give us a call at 206.284.5244. We can discuss your staffing needs and suggest a plan of action for finding the assistance you require.

Before calling, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of schedule would work best for you. This can be one of the most important considerations for finding the right caregiver. Please note that we have a 4-hour minimum for weekdays and 8-hour minimum on weekends.