My family had the opportunity to work with the McDonald group for 15 months.  It was a difficult time in our lives, with aging parents with both cognitive as well as medical needs.  Laurie, George and John Paul took the time to get to know us and to understand what kind of caregivers would best match up with our parent’s personalities and physical needs.  The caregivers were all of the highest quality both in training as well as in personal interactions.  They were gentle, kind and knowledgeable and easily fit into our large extended family.  When my dad had difficulty with one caregiver’s approach, there was no hesitation by the McDonald group in helping to find someone who better matched up with him.  The support provided by McDonald is professional, dependable and consistently available and the kind of service they provide is rare in this day.  We are forever grateful.

J.B. - Bellevue, WA

In the seven years that I have worked with McDonald’s I have had my expectations consistently met and exceeded. No matter the circumstances, long term care, short term coverage, last minute situations, they step into the challenge and provide me with caregiver choices I would be unable to find, much less fully vet on my own. Amazing customer service; the kind you rarely find anymore. I am indebted to them.

T.J. - Hunts Point, WA

In my opinion the McDonald agency is the highest quality agency to help someone with all levels of caregivers. My husband and I went from part time to full time help and every single employee they sent was the finest we have ever seen.  Our caregiver that helped us to the end of my husband’s life was a very trusted and loyal person; I could not have gone through all of it without her. I would highly recommend the McDonald agency to anyone.  Thank you.

B.C. - Seattle, WA

I cannot tell you how wonderful the caregivers who take care of my father are! The relationships that he has found with both men have been so comforting for my brothers and me. They truly care about him, who he is and what his needs are day-to-day. I believe this is due to Laurie and George who took the time to interview the family and Dad to understand him and his needs. Both men have become part of our family and, more importantly, are constant companions to my father. I would and I have recommended it as the top agency in Seattle for home care for the elderly. Thank you to McDonald Employment.

Anon - Seattle, WA

McDonald Employment Agency  has excellent home health experts on their roster.  Our family used three amazing young men for care of an elderly Parkinson’s patient in our home.

I would highly recommend this agency for skilled, trustworthy, individuals trained to care for loved ones in the home setting.  Anon.

Anon - Madison Park, Seattle, WA

I would like to say that working with the McDonald Agency has been an excellent experience overall.  We are extremely lucky and glad to have had (4) first rate caregivers through the agency.  Thanks again for everything, you guys are the best.

Anon - Seattle, WA

We have had occasion to use McDonald Employment Services for home care service providers a number of times during the past 10+ years, and we have always been pleased with the results. In a few situations where things did not work out as anticipated, usually due to scheduling problems, we were happy that the Replacement Guarantee was in effect and we were able to fill the need without significant additional cost. The McDonald people understood our needs and responded quickly and with the right people to satisfy them. We have recommended you in the past and will continue to do so.

Herb and Lucy Pruzan - Seattle, WA

Yes, I referred my friend, (Ms. R.), to you.  All of you at McDonald did such a good job finding caregivers to take care of my mother, that I knew she and her family would be in good hands with you.  Best wishes to you for the new year.

Anon - Renton, WA

I was frantic when I suddenly learned that my 97-year-old father was coming home from the hospital unexpectedly. He had previously been living alone but now his doctors told me he needed 24-hour care at home for at least the next few weeks and he needed his surgical dressing changed twice daily.

Luckily a friend had recommended McDonald Employment Services to me some months prior. I called them at noon and by 3:00pm that day they had someone at my father’s house ready and able to cheerfully work a full shift, with other people scheduled to follow in other shifts. Weeks later when I decided it was in my dad’s best interest to keep his helpers on the job for his continued care, they again assisted me in working out a more economical plan by suggesting live-in helpers who could work 24-hour shifts.

Our regular employees from McDonald became such a valued part of my dad’s household that we now view them as dear members of our extended family. Having a reliable employment agency that was able to provide qualified and trustworthy employees for us has been a blessing.


G.K - Kirkland, WA

Aster is a gem…I can’t thank you enough for your immediate response with help for my urgent need.

Anon - Seattle, WA

George, it was wonderful to talk with you the other day and I want to thank you for your gracious assistance. The information you provided was very useful and it helped get my husband’s siblings on track with their 85-year-old mother.

Also, finding out that there is not a service such as yours in Cincinnati is frustrating and served to remind me again how lucky Seattle is to have you and all you do for us. I cannot imagine what my life of the last 15 years would have been like without you. Multiply that by all the people you’ve (employed/put to work) and all the clients you’ve cared for and it’s quite a story. So please know you are greatly appreciated!

“Capper" - Seattle, WA

I have been very lucky and privileged to receive services and care partners from McDonald Employment Services for over 20 years. They have helped care for my family, my friends and extended family and friends that I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last two decades. It always takes a leap of faith to entrust new acquaintances with the care and safety of a loved one. Each and every care partner that we have sourced from McDonald Services have been quality individuals, exceptional health professionals and ultimately, part of the family. For me, most importantly, I receive peace of mind that those I’ve entrusted with these care partners are safe, exceptionally well cared for and are experiencing their highest quality of life possible. My heartfelt thanks.

Bill Bell - Seattle, WA

Early on, I didn’t fully appreciate what McDonald Employment does. Over time, I realized I was way better off hiring caregivers directly. I paid less over time, and the caregivers were better-paid, more experienced, and more likely to stay with us. I also appreciated the tie-in resources you connected me with – the care manager and payroll service took a lot of worry off my hands.

The level of difference in care was remarkable. Your people take initiative and love their work.

J.R. - Renton, WA

Having never been through the experience before of needing home health care for a loved one, all the assistance you provided and the quality of the care givers you placed for my mother’s care remains at a level of appreciation that is hard to measure. The quick response initially, the availability of communication without hesitation, the steady sincere approach to caring for the patient and family, reliability, were at a level which provided a wonderful sense of relief and assurance that all would be handled and the situation under control. That sense of caring followed all the way to my mother’s passing as well as in the days that followed as care givers, staff, and you followed up with a sincere check up on the well being of my family. My opinion of Mc Donald’s Employment Services, the care givers, will forever be in high standard.

J.T., Seattle, WA